Writing: Letting go

What do you do when the things you really want to say; when the core issues, questions, dreams and hurts most on your heart are the very things you can't write about publicly? 

You write about a lot of other stuff.

True stuff. Real stuff. Stuff that matters. Stuff that you care about. Stuff that may or may not (but mostly may) be connected to the stuff you can't write about and hope others are able to read in between the lines and "get" what you can't actually say. Maybe you even write about not being able to write about it. 

But never what's really, really on your heart. 

Perhaps it's never meant to be shared publicly. Perhaps it is, but in the future. Either way, the only thing to do now, is take it to God. Day after day. Moment by moment. Over and over again. 

For one thing, He's the only one who can actually do anything about the real issues. He sees, hears and knows. And He "gets" it. He gets what our own human words could never fully articulate and that our fellow human beings could never understand or fix. 

He gets it. 

And sometimes, that's enough. Sometimes, it has to be. So we let it go no matter how unresolved, unfinished, unjust, uncertain it might feel to our shortsighted human heart. No one likes to just let things go without knowing how they will turn out or without an assurance that they will work out in our favor. But trusting God means just that; not knowing and trusting anyway. 

And after we've let it go, that knowledge that God is in control becomes the fuel to channel passion, energy and creativity into the stuff that actually needs to be shared here and now because it will serve useful purpose to others. 

Those are the things that need to be said.