I choose PR Because

I love contributing to something bigger than myself.

I love the positive butterfly effect one small act (press release/phone call/social media post etc.) can have over many people over time.

I love building relationships; my own as well as helping others do the same. The name says it all: public (people) relations!

I love being a part of helping someone’s dreams come true.

I love that it brings out the best in me, personally and professionally.

I love that it serendipitously unites my passions, skills and experience.

I love that there is no one size fits all approach.

I love the freedom PR offers to think, move and create independently.

I love that it allows me to serve the world in personally meaningful way.

I love that I can pour both my heart, my hands and my neurons into something I’m so passionate about.

I love that even though it is a lot of work, it is also a.lot of fun!

I love that in PR my weary heart finally found a home.

More than anything, I love being a part of a powerful force that shapes and influences society and therefore….

I am phenomenally blessed and grateful that I get to use my God given talents, passions and skills not only as a positive influence here and now, but ultimately for the building of His kingdom.

Thankful that in PR, I get to do it all.

The PR Girl Manifesto recently posed the question, “I choose PR because”. I hadn’t given this question much thought until I read it, but the answer came so instantaneously and effortlessly there could be no other right answer (expanded version of my original response):

I didn’t choose PR, it chose me.

And now, I choose PR.



Cynthia Mendoza