Hello, 2017

To more pens, pencils and paper, less keyboards and screens (starting *right after* I post this...) and to lots of other good stuff

To bowing our heads in prayer instead of over our phones.

To more books, less TV.

To more handwritten notes, less emails.

To more leisurely bubble baths, less rushed showers.

To more water, less soda.

To more listening, less talking.

To more sunshine, less fluorescent lights.

To more homecooked dinners, less take out.

To better relationships, less drama. Or better yet, NO drama. 

To more simplicity, less stuff.

To truth and authenticity over public image.

To childlike trust and faith over grown-up unbelief and cynicism.

To faithfulness “in that which is least” over personal gain.

To more Jesus, less everything else, including me.

May 2017 be a year of answered prayer and spiritual abundance.

And here’s to leaving a trail of hope and sparkle wherever you go.

Cynthia Mendoza