My story behind the lens

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment but all I know is that today I’m in love with photography. I’m pretty sure my job as a reporter had something to do with it. My first on the job camera was a little Kodak Easy something or other, and at that point in 2004 all I did was tell people to line up and I snapped their picture for the paper. I didn’t really care about the photo as much as I did about writing the story.

Shortly thereafter I bought my first digital camera and I started taking pictures of pretty much everything, just day to day stuff. But then something happened. I started to care. I started noticing certain angles, flecks of light, the smallest details. I started viewing life through my lens. Even without a camera, my mind now snaps photos on its own throughout the day. As I’m driving, my mind captures moments in time very much like a real camera.

I pick up the tiniest nuances in two seemingly identical photos and can tell which one one will be far superior to the other. I can usually tell just by the photo thumbnail if a photo is going to be good or not. As I line people up or position myself to take a shot, I can immediately tell if it’s going to be a good picture or not. And most notably, I see through the lens what a live view just can’t pick up.

I was once taking photos of a friend and a male friend of hers. The photos were supposed to be for professional use. There was nothing unusual about their interaction but when I saw them through the view finder, there was “something” there; I later told her that I felt that I was taking engagement photos. The camera was picking up things that I had no idea existed between them.

As I started compiling photos for this gallery the first time around I noticed a few common themes, such as lots of flowers and nature pics. Yet at the same time, I don’t seek a specific theme in the photos I take. So that’s why I think my work defies categorization, much like me. I simply am. 

But if I did have to say something about it, it would be that I am moved by color, I love serenity, peace and natural beauty, with perhaps just an inkling of mystery. I just love to capture LIFE! And my photographs are simply a reflection that; they are life through my eyes and my heart, and they are equal part life as it is, and life as I long for it to be.