About the blog: A faith based blog on a return to authentic work and living after a long season of disconnect. Read more here. On this blog I share bits and pieces of my personal journey, day-to-day life, communications & creativity, and faith. 

About "My Journey Is This"Reflections and memories on watershed moments. 

About Me: Hi, I'm Cynthia. I am a writer, former journalist, avid picture taker and lover of all things communications and creativity. Once a journalist, always a journalist at heart; I simply love "covering" life in words and imagery. I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and I've been to Brazil twice. In everything I do and share, be it the deep issues of life and faith, or the day-to-day details of daily life, I seek to glorify God and inspire others to seek Him more than ever before. Personal mission: What matters most

About the photos: These photos were taken in a place that is very authentic to me, one of my favorite beach spots in Southern California. I find connection and comfort here. Of the many photos I've taken there, these have come to represent the authenticity I embrace.